5 reasons why people struggle to join Group Boards

Many bloggers that try joining popular group boards on Pinterest feel like their requests are blatantly ignored. But why would someone host a group board, and not respond to invite requests? Here are five reasons why - and you may be able to address some of them:

  1. You don't know what you are doing, and it shows...
    Is there a coherent theme between your Pinterest account description, your boards, and that which you do on your blog? For instance: If your blog is dedicated to food, but most of your pins are about fashion, some group board owners will see it as a red flag. It is fine to have some boards dedicated to your random interests, but they shouldn't dominate your profile.

  2. Your boards don't look like you are really committed...
    Many people who are just starting on Pinterest are taught that they should join group boards as soon as possible. Unfortunately, "as soon as possible" doesn't mean "as soon as you have one board with a dozen pins". Keep in mind that the group board owner will try to determine whether you are truly committed to the topic of their board. If you don't have an impressive collection of pins on that topic, they will have a hard time believing that you can become a valuable contributor.

  3. Your boards are full of low quality pins...
    If some of your pins use unattractive images or poor descriptions, many group board owners will not look any further.

  4. Your account does not have a respectable number of followers...
    If you only have a handful of followers, it is difficult for a group board owner to justify adding you as a contributor. They have to make decisions based on what's best for their board. Influential contributors are more valuable because their pins are more likely to go viral and help improve board level metrics.

  5. You are fishing out of your league...
    Regardless of how many followers you have, if you try to join a group board whose contributors all have much larger followings, your chances of getting accepted are pretty poor. If you have say, 1000 followers, and you want to join a group board where all other contributors have over 100K followers, it will be hard for the board owner to justify adding you to such group.

So, how do you get onto group boards when your Pinterest profile is young and has relatively few pins and followers?
Firstly, pick a good topic and make sure that your personal boards show that you are truly committed to that topic. Ideally, save a hundred or more pins to your core boards.
Secondly, start applying to group boards that are young and relatively easy to join. You can find such boards on Facebook groups like this one.
Last but not least, maximize the opportunity by consistently posting high quality pins to your group boards.

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