Top 5 pinners that surprised us

If you've been pinning for a while, chances are you've stumbled upon some pinners that do incredible things. I am going to share my list of amazing pinners in this post:

  1. Regina Wilson has 2,363 boards on her Pinterest account! Can you imagine contributing to 2,000 group boards? I am blown away.

  2. Georgia Badertscher is amazing because she has 200,000 pins! I know of a few brands like Macys that have even more pins, but chances are they use a team of pinners, and I believe Georgia can outpin anybody on that team with her left hand :)

  3. Rami Yulzari is probably the most appreciative pinner on Pinterest. He likes 164,000 pins(!)

  4. The biggest board that I've ever seen is All About Food with 2,363,594 pins. It might reach 3 million pins by the time this post is published ;)

  5. Finally, the most viral board that I've seen is the Food board by Daniel Hunley. Believe it or not, more than half of its 960 pins have a thousand or more repins, and the average repin rate is close to 1,500.

    Well, now that you've seen my list heros, please comment if you know of any other pinners that are truly amazing!

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