What makes Pinterest marketing shine?

For many online marketers and bloggers, Pinterest is the biggest source of free traffic. Today we'll try to explore some unique advantages that Pinterest has over any other social media.

  1. You don't have to always be "there" to engage your audience.
    On other social platforms you are judged by your engagement with your audience. People naturally expect you to be part of the conversation. That quickly becomes a major chore for marketers. On Pinterest, however, there are no expectations of physical presence or manual engagement. Great pins is the only thing that your followers want from you.

  2. All other social media is focused on things that are "new" while Pinterest is about that which is good. Platforms like Twitter and Facebook are based on the Timeline concept, which gives the bulk of exposure to the most current events. Newer posts push down the older posts, causing them to loose most of their exposure within days.
    Pinterest organizes content around boards and board sections, which enables great browsing experience. Pinterest also provides several ways to search and discover related content. Last but not least, Pinterest users love to collect their favorite pins on personal boards and use those pins as "bookmarks" later. So, Pinterest users have plenty of ways to find great content even if it is not new.

  3. The traffic you get from Pinterest is often more valuable than traffic from any other social media. People go to Pinterest to get inspired. They discover new recipes, new DIY project ideas, new vacation destinations, etc. This discovery process happens in the early stage of decision making process. So, you are likely to get visitors that just realized that they want your product or service. They are at the peak of excitement, which makes them very viral and very likely to make a quick purchase decision.

At the end of the day, marketing and traffic generation is a matter of effort versus reward. How many visitors do you get for every hour of work that you put into it? If you know how to use Pinterest, and if you know how to use the available tools - like BoardBooster - to maximize your efficiency, effectiveness and potential reach, you can get a great return of investment... And for smart marketers, that’s what really matters.

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