Three Pinterest features that never truly took off

Sometimes we see new Pinterest users that are overwhelmed with the amount of features, and having a hard time figuring out which of the features they should learn first. Today we'll talk about a few major features that sounded exciting when Pinterest first introduced them, but never became truly popular.

One quick note before we dive into these features. It is perfectly healthy for tech startups to test a lot of new ideas. Naturally, some ideas will succeed and some will fail. This process drives innovation, and so even though our today's post emphasizes features that we consider less than successful, we applaud Pinterest's engineers for giving these ideas a shot!

  1. Place Boards
    Pinterest introduced place boards back in 2013.
    As of today, less than 1% of all boards are Place Boards, which indicates that this feature might be an unnecessary distraction for most new pinners.

  2. Video Pins and Animated GIFs
    It's been a while since Pinterest started supporting video pins and animated GIFs. While some pinners love collecting these types of pins, our research shows that these pins never became mainstream. As of today, video pins and Animated GIFs combined account for just half of one percent of all pins.

    Most pinners that we know love to get comments from their followers, but for some reason they don't get very many comments at all. Our latest stats show that less than 2% of all pins have any comments.

That's all for today! If you have any questions that BoardBooster Labs can help answer, please send them to!

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