How many boards should I have?

This is probably one of the most common questions that we hear from BoardBooster users. First time pinners want to know how many boards they should create. Bloggers that have been pinning for years wonder whether they accumulated too many pins or too many boards. So, we decided to shed some light on this in today's post. As always, we are trying to identify the best practices by watching what successful pinners do, and learning from them.

Let's start with the total number of boards (including personal boards and group boards). While some pinfluencers have thousands of boards, we found that the majority of successful pinners have less than a hundred boards. We also compared the typical number of boards on accounts with different audience sizes. As you can see on the chart below, an average pinner with 25,000 followers has around 108 boards, while the top pinfluencers have only 62 boards on average (the horizontal axis shows the number of followers).

The next chart looks at the number of group boards used by pinners with different audience sizes. The vertical axis shows the number of group boards while the horizontal axis shows the number of followers. As you can see, the most influential pinners use only 5-10 group boards on average while pinners with 5,000 - 50,000 followers use over 20 group boards. This explains the bulk of the decline in the total number of boards that you can see on the previous chart.

To wrap up the topic of group boards, we checked how common it is for pinfluencers to host group boards. Apparently, around 37% of pinners that have 10,000+ followers own group boards, and the average number of boards per pinner is 3.

Have you ever tried hosting a group board? If so, chances are you know that it takes a lot of work to make sure that all contributors follow the board rules, and all pins match the topic of your board. We suspect, most people that don't host group boards are scared away by this heavy chore. That's why we added the Group Manager tool to BoardBooster. This tool enables you to instantly identify all contributors that break the rules or contribute content that your followers don't appreciate. So, hosting a high quality group board has never been easier then now!

All right, we'll wrap up this post with one more chart This chart looks at the number of pins owned by successful Pinterest users. The left side of this chart is exactly what we expected. It shows that most pinners end up accumulating more and more pins while their number of followers is growing. But the rest of the chart shows that seasoned pinfluencers don't really believe that "more is merrier". So, if your account is approaching 20,000 or 30,000 pins, this might be a great time to revisit your strategy and emphasize quality over quantity.

That's all for now! Please contact with any questions. BoardBooster Labs is all about answering interesting questions that we get from our users. Happy pinning!

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