Finding the best group boards

Collaborative Boards (aka Group Boards) are one of the best ways to gain exposure on Pinterest. Our recent study found that an average pinner with 5,000 followers contributes to over 20 group boards. Not surprisingly, a lot of people are challenged with finding group boards that are worth contributing to. There are millions of group boards on Pinterest, but only a small fraction of them deliver strong results. It's hard to estimate board performance by looking at the board for a few reasons:

  1. The number of followers rarely correlates with pin-level performance.
  2. The number of repins displayed on individual pins is based on all boards, so it cannot be used to measure performance of any particular board.
  3. The number of contributors can be misleading because often times the majority of contributors are inactive.
  4. The current board velocity (number of new pins per day) is hard to derive from the total number of pins because most of those pins were added long time ago.

So, we decided to publish a list of top boards in each category. Our list is focused on performance and includes such metrics as number of active contributors, board velocity, and the "direct" repin rate (the number of repins driven directly by this board). All the metrics are updated daily. Best of all, this is tool is completely free, and you don't need a BoardBooster account in order to use it. Here you go:

P.S. This is a Beta release, so we would appreciate if you can report any bugs or improvement ideas to

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