How much should I pin every day?

If you are new to Pinterest marketing, chances are you want to know if there is an optimal number of pins that you should be adding to your boards every day. We regularly get this question from BoardBooster users, so we decided to find out how much successful pinners are pinning. This study includes only those pinners that add new pins every month, and experience a steady increase in their number of followers over time.

The chart below shows how many pins per day are added by successful pinners that have different audience sizes. The horizontal axis represents the number of followers while the vertical axis shows the average daily number of net new pins on all their public boards. The blue line on this chart shows the average daily pinning volume for all pinners in our study. The red line focuses on the top 20% of the group with the fastest follower growth rate.
Based on this chart, when pinners see their audience growing from 10,000 to 50,000, they are so excited that they are trying to pin more and more every day. An average pinner with 50,000 followers adds around 17 pins per day. But then their pinning volume gradually declines to 13 pins per day for accounts with half a million followers. This decline might be related to the fact that major pinfluencers tend to cut down on group board contribution, as shown in our recent post.

Perhaps the most important takeaway from this chart is that there is a correlation between the daily pinning volume and the rate of follower growth. For example, the top 20% fastest growing accounts with 10K followers are pinning nearly 3 times more often than the average.

Happy pinning from BoardBooster Labs!

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