A Study of Viral Pins (Part 1)

A lot of pinners are fascinated by viral pins. Whenever they stumble upon a pin with thousands of repins, they wonder what are the chances of their own pins becoming so successful. We receive a lot of interesting questions about virality from BoardBooster users. So, we decided to study different aspects of virality on Pinterest, and share our findings in a series of blog posts. To keep things simple, we are linking virality to a single metric – the number of repins. Also, we decided to focus this study on pins that accumulated between 100 and 10,000 direct repins organically. We are not including pins with over 10,000 repins because this range seems to be heavily influenced by promoted pins.

So, here we go! About 4.5% of all pins accumulate 100 or more repins. Our first chart looks at their distribution in the sub-thousand range:

And here is a similar chart that covers the range between 1,000 and 10,000 repins.

As you can see, the curve on the blue chart is quite a bit steeper. This means, as your pin accumulates repins, each new repin is a bit harder to get.
Finally, after some heavy rounding we can say that:

  • One out of 100 pins accumulates 400 repins
  • One out of 1,000 pins accumulates 2,000 repins
  • One out of 10,000 pins accumulates 5,000 repins

That's all for today! Please pin this post if you found it helpful. And don't forget to check out the second part of this article!

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